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  • ZhongFeng Electronic Technology Co., Limited

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Americas , Asia , Europe , North Europe , Oceania , West Europe , Worldwide
  • Exporter:71% - 80%
  • Certs:ISO/TS16949, ISO9001
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ZhongFeng Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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About Us

15years in providing PCB Fab PCB Assembly components sourcing and One Stop EMS service electronics manufacturing services Since established in 2003 we have helped thousands of engineers purchasers and electronic hobbyists developed and manufactured their innovative products in consumer electronics medical equiment IOT industrial control automotive electronics communications equipment and other high tech fields PCB manufacture compliant ISO9001 ISO14001 TS16949 and UL PCB assembly compliant ISO9001 IATF16949 PDCA and IPC A 610E And all components are original Our clients include big companies like CTS FEV Delta and Premo and also many scientific research institution small companies and...

Categories and Products


Standard PCB

Standard 2Layer FR4 PCB Board in Round Shape Quick Turn PCB Circuit Board Assembly Service Standard FR4 PCB Prototype Printed Circuit Board Fabricate 1-36Layer Standard PCB Prototype and Production Red Solder Mask Single Sided ENIG PCB Board Green Double Sided ENIG PCB Assembly Circuit Board Red Solder Mask 1oz 4layers customised pcb board Standard PCB Customized FR4 Printed Circuit Boards 1.6mm thickness Powerbank pcb Keyboard pcb ENIG FR4 94v0 blank pcb circuit board Turnkey Services Electronic PCB Manufacturing Assembly No Silkscreen Small Black Led PCB Assembly Prototype PCB Printed Circuit Board Manufacturering White Solder Mask Multilayer Printed Circuit Board 

Prototype PCB

4layer Red Solder Mask Prototype PCB Circuit Board FR4 94v0 Multilayer PCB Circuit Board green solder mask pcb keyboard pcb board Quick PCB Prototype Assembly SMT Assembly 2Layer Rogers 4003C PCB Prototype Service 2Layer Teal Color PCB Circuit Boards Prototype Service Double Sided Rogers PCB Printed Circuit Board 8Layer HDI PCB Prototype FR4 High-Tg PCB 2Layer FR4 Printed Circuit Board LED PCB Prototype Flex PCB Circuit Board FPC Online Shenzhen GPS Tracker PCB Design PCBA Board Assembly Custom bluetooth speaker pcb assembly pcb pcba 94V0 FR4 6L circuit board pcb assembly Low Cost Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly First Quality PCB Circuit Board Prototype Service High Performance SMT Service LED PCB Assembly Turnkey Printed Circuit Board PCBA Manufacturing PCBA Prototype 94V0 FR4 pcb assembly 


6Layer ENIG PCB High Density Interconnect Circuit Board 12Layer High Density Interconnect PCB HDI Circuit Board Turnkey HDI PCB Circuit Board Service Prototype HDI PCB Circuit Board Assembly Prototype Multilayer HDI PCB Printed Circuit Board HDI PCB High Density Interconnect PCB Blind/Buried Vias HDI PCB Prototype and Production Electronic PCB Board Assembly Service 4Layer ENIG HDI PCB Board for Drone 

Multilayer PCB

mobile phone pcb board shenzhen pcb shenzhen factory pcb board android tv circuit board Multilayer PCB THT LED Circuit Board Rigid flex pcb mobile phone pcb board Washing Machine control board pcb circiut board Shenzhen FR4 Multi-layer PCB printed circuit board Double Sided Multilayer FR4 94v0 ENIG PCB Board Hot Selling Multilayer PCB Electronic Printed Circuit Board Multilayer FR4 Circuit Board Battery Charger PCB Multilayer Rogers PCB Circuit Board Single Multilayer PCB Circuit Board Fabrication Services Fast Delivery Coffee Machine Printed Circuit Board Blue Solder Mask Multilayer ENIG PCB Circuit Board 94v0 rohs hasl printed circuit pcb board 6Layer Electronic PCB Multi-layer Printed Circuit Board 94v0 pcb assembly bluetooth speaker pcba Electronic PCB Board And PCB Assembly Service electronic bluetooth pcb and mp3 player usb pcb Lead free HASL rigid printed circuit board Shenzhen PCB Assembly Electronics Circuit Board 

Flexible PCB

Flexible Printed Circuit Board Flex PCB FPC Board Double Sided Flex Circuits PCB Board Multilayer Flex / Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) Board Single-sided Flexible Circuits FPC Board High Quality double sided FPC 94v0 board Flex Printed Ciruict Board FPC PCB Board ShenZhen FPCB board OEM Flexible PCB shenzhen computer fpc Keyboard flexible circuit board 1-6Layer Flexible PCB FPC Circuit Board Flexible pcb for smd led circuit board electronic product flexible printed circuit board fpcb 1 oz copper flexible board,fpc circuit cable board Flex Printed Circuit FPC PCB Boards 

Flex-Rigid PCB

Multilayer Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board PCB High quality multilayer rigid -flex pcb circuit board Turnkey Rigid Flex PCB Circuits Board One Stop Rigid Flex PCB Circuit Board Multilayer Rigid Flex Circuits PCB Board Four Layer Rigid Flex PCB Circuits Board Electronic Devices 4 Layer Flex Rigid Pcb Prorotyping Immersion Gold 4 Layer Flex Rigid PCB Multilayer Blue Solder Mask Rigid-Flex PCB Board Four Layers Rigid Flex Circuits Board 4Layers Blue Solder Mask Rigid Flex PCB Board 94V0 2oz copper thickness flex rigid board Regid-flex pcb 1.6mm module sensor pcb 94V0 2oz copper thickness flex rigid board High Quality Low Cost Rigid Flex PCB Board High quality FR4 multilayer pcb/rigid flex circuit board 94v-0 Circuit Rigid Flex Pcb Board immersion gold 1OZ Rigid flex pcb board Immersion gold FPC cable rigid-flex PCB Black Double Sided Rigid Flex PCB Circuit Board 

Aluminum PCB

Multilayer Aluminum PCB Printed Circuit Board High Quality Aluminum PCB Printed Circuit Board 2Layer Aluminum Printed Circuit Board LED PCB Assembly 2Layer Aluminum Circuit Board PCB ENIG ENEPIG low cost double side HASL aluminum pcb Quick Aluminum PCB Prototype and Production Aluminum FR4 LED PCB Circuit Board HASL 1.6mm thickness 5050 aluminum led pcb Low Cost 94v0 ROHS aluminum PCB board Gerber Files Aluminum Based Pcb Assembly For Led 

Copper-based PCB

led pcb Copper base material pcb Metal Core PCB Copper Core PCB Circuit Boards factory price copper base led pcb borad High Power Aluminum Copper Based LED PCB Board High quality ENIG technology copper base pcb OSP double sides MCPCB led lighting PCB Shenzhen Electronic PCB Circuit Board Assemble Maker 

High Frequency PCB

PTFE High frequency PCB Circuit Board 2Layer Rogers4003C PCB Circuit Board Rogers PCB High Frequency RF Application PCB Teflon PCB High Frequency RF Application PCB Rogers PCB High Frequency Teflon PCB RF Application Circuit Board 

Thick Copper PCB

8Layer HDI Thick Copper PCB Prototype and Assembly 6Layer Thick Copper PCB Prototype Electronic Circuit Board 4Layer Thick Copper Circuit Board FR4 ENIG PCB Thick Copper PCB Circuit Board 4oz Copper PCB Printed Circuit Board Shenzhen Supply Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing 


1Layer Copper-Core PCB for LED PCB Board 1Layer Aluminum LED Printed Circuit Board LED PCB SMD LED PCB Aluminum Printed Circuit Board Flexible LED PCB LED Printed Circuit Board 1Layer flexible PCB LED FPCB Board 


SMT BGA PCB Printed Circuit Board 1-36Layer BGA PCB Circuit Board ENIG PCB 8Layer HDI BGA PCB Circuit Board Prototype BGA PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Quick Turn BGA PCB Prototyping Services Custom Printed Circuit Board PCB PCBA for BGA 

PCB Assembly

Custom PCB Assembly

SMT assembly service for mobile charger pcba Customized PCBA Printed Circuit Board for Power Bank OEM Double Sided Rigid SMT PCB Assembly Customized OEM Electronic PCB Assembly PCBA Prototype Custom PCB Assembly PCBA Service Quick Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly Fr4 pcba SMT Electronic PCB Assembly High Quality One Stop PCB PCBA Assembly Shenzhen Custom PCB assembly SMT Assembly PCBA Custom Electronic PCBA board service Prototype PCB Assembly Customized PCB Assembly THT SMT electronic assembly Customized Printed Circuit Board Assembly SMT PCBA Custom PCB Assembly Turnkey PCBA Service ENIG wireless pcba receiver pcb assembly SMT DIP OEM ODM EMS PCB/PCBA Turnkey Service WIFI wireless PCBA circuit board router pcb assembly SMT DIP PCBA Circuit Board for Recording Medical Equipment Ul 94v0 Pcb Board Assembly 94v0 rigid circuit board SMT pcb assembly Shenzhen 1oz Electronic mp3 player usb pcba 

Rigid PCB Assembly

High Quality HDI PCBA Board PCB Assembly Service Quick Turn PCB Assembly Board for Air Conditioner 4layer PCBA Board for Car GPS shenzhen circuit board general air conditioner pcb Professional Rigid PCB Surface Mount Assembly 94v0 pcb board electronic smt pcba Quick FR4 Rigid PCB Assembly Prototype Rigid Multilayer PC Board Assembly PCB Assembly welding machine circuit board led pcb board 1-36Layer FR4 Rigid PCB Assembly 2018 New Printed Circuit Board Professional PCB Assembly Keyboard PCB Assembly Circuit Board 94v0 FR4 pcb board bluetooth speaker pcb Shenzhen OEM Mobile Phone 94v-0 PCB Board PCBA PCBA design gerber files prototype PCBA Shenzhen customized electronic SMD led PCB assembly Shenzhen SMT Circuit Board Electronic PCBA Assembly SMT Electronic PCB Assembly Board no Minimum Order SMT Fr4 94v0 pcb assembly 6oz pcba Printed Circuit Board PCBA for Power Bank 

Flex PCB Assembly

Quick Flexible PCB Prototype and SMT Assembly Cheap Flex PCB Fabrication and Assembly Flexible PCB SMT LED Assembly Flex Printed Circuit Boards Assembly FPC Assembly 1-6layer Flexible PCB assembly 

Flex-Rigid PCB Assembly

Cheap Flex-rigid Printed Circuit Boards Fab and Assembly Reliable 6layer Rigid-Flex PCB Electronic Boards Assembly Quick Flex-Rigid PCB Boards Fab and Assembly tg130 ENIG 2-layer rigid-flex pcba 

Prototype PCB Assembly

Quick Turn PCB Assembly and Prototyping Services Set Top Box PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assembly Quick Turn Prototype PCB Assembly Service Through-Hole Printed Circuit Board Assembly Low Cost PCB Prototype PCB Circuit Board Assembly Quick Prototype Printed Circuit Boards Assembly PCB PCBA Quickturn Prototype PCB Fab and Assembly Service Electronic Printed Circuit Boards PCB Prototype Assembly wireless charger pcb assembly electronic pcba PCB Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Prototypes Service Printed Circuit Board Prototypes Assembly and Manufacturing Double Sided Multilayer FR4 94v0 ROHS PCBA Board Turnaround Fast Prototypes PCB Assembly Services Rapid Prototypes Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) Quick Turn Control Panel Printed Circuit Boards Assembly Low Volume Small Batch PCB Assembly Services Specializes in Short-run One-off and Prototype PCB Assembly Key Quick-Turn Prototype PCBA Services Turnkey PCB Fabrication and SMD Assembly Service 

Mass PCB Assembly

Multilayer Recording Device PCBA Circuit Board Surface Mount PCB Assembly Service – SMT Mass PCB and PCBA Assembly Production Service Mass Quantity Printed Circuit Board Fab and Assembly Big Volume Electronic PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly Motherboard Circuit Board Welding Machine PCB Board Big Volume Printed Circuit Boards PCB PCBA Assembly Fast Turn DVB Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Outdoor LED Display PCB Circuit Board Electronic component SMT DIP PCBA board assembly Prototype PCB Assembly Fast Kitted and Turn-Key Available Fast Prototyping Printed Circuit Board Services FR4 pcb assembly hasl printer circuit board High-mix Automated PCBA Circuit Board Assembly 

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Prototype Service 6layer PCBA Board for Security Alarm Turnkey PCB Assembly PCBA Service Turnkey Printed Circuit Boards PCB Assembly PCBA Service One-Stop EMS Service Electronic PCB PCBA Assembly One-Stop Turnkey PCB Assembly EMS Service Turnkey Power Bank PCB Circuit Board Assembly headphones wireless bluetooth pcba smt pcb assembly Professional multilaye computer motherboard laptop pcba SMT printed circuit board pcb assembly electronic pcba Custom motherboard pcb assembly smart led pcba Shenzhen Turnkey electronic printed circuit board pcb pcba Electronic PCB Circuit Board bluetooth speaker pcba WIFI wireless circuit board router pcb board assembly Turnkey SMT PTH Printed Circuit Board Assembly Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board (PCBA) Assembly Services Turnkey 94v0 ROHS PCBA Board for Remote Products Full Turnkey Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly Services PCB Fabrication Parts Sourcing and Assembly Services 

SMT PCB Assembly

Surface Mount Technology Assembly PCB Assembly SMT Printed Circuit Board Assembly SMT Assembly SMT PCB PCBA Assembly Service ENIG Multilayer HDI Rigid Flex PCB Electronics Assembly Customized PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assembly High Quality Temperature Controller PCBA Circuit Board Surface Mounted SMT Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Double Sided SMT Mixed Technology PCB Assemblies Services ENIG PCB SMT Assembly Rigid Circuit Board LCD Monitor Controller PCBA Circuit Board One Stop SMT DIP PCB Assembly Services High Quality Turnkey Consigned PCB Assembly Services HDI Multilayer PCB Circuit Boards Shenzhen USB drive pcba assembly circuit board Quick Turn Quality PCB Assemblies Custom Electronics PCBA Prototype and Copy PCB assembly Electronic SMT PCBA Factory PCB Assembly Factory SMT Pcb Assembly 3USB Mobile Phone 

Hybrid PCB Assembly

Box Build PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Through-hole PTH PCB Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Prototype PCB Printed Circuit Board for Power Bank Box Build Final Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly Hybrid PCB PCBA Assembly Service Hybrid Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly PCBA Thermal Regulator PCB Circuit Board Assembly Black Solder Mask Multilayer HDI Circuit Board Assembly FR4 8Layers High-Frequency HDI PCBA Boards chinese xvideo audio player pcba oem Specialize in HDI PCBs Flexible PCBs Rigid-flex PCBs 

LED PCB Assembly

Tracker PCBA LED Circuits Board 94V0 Universal Remote Control PCBA Circuits Board LED PCB Assembly SMD LED Assembly Electronic pcb Mainboard assembly printed circuit board 

BGA PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board PCB Prototype Service Wireless module PCB BGA Assembly Circuit Board BGA Prototype PCB Assembly Service X-Ray test fr4 wireless charger pcba controller board pcba chinese xvideo audio pcba mobile phone pcb board Expertise in Single Multi-layer and Rigid PCB Board 

Components Procurement

Electronic Components Procurement BOM Parts Kitting Services 

SMT Stencil

Stainless Laser SMD Stencil Electropolishing SMT Stencil 

Electronic Assembly

Electronic Assembly/PCB Assembly/Box Build 

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