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How to Set Up a PCB Heatbed (and cut glass, too!)

In this video, Jacob shows an easy way to set up a PCB heatbed for your 3D printer — a method that allows the entire surface of the heatbed to be used for printing. He also shows how to cut inexpensive certificate frame glass to size with some simple tools. We’ve had printers with a heatbed setup just like this running without incident for over a year. (See below for contents.) Supplies used: PCB Heatbed (with high-temperature wire attached), glass (same size as heatbed), scissors, kapton tape, four M3 nuts and screws (12-16mm), screwdriver & pliers, thermistor, thermistor lead insulation (kapton tape works, too), and pipe insulation tape. See below for glass cutting tools. Glass Cutting Tools & Materials: Safety glasses, sheet glass (certificate frame glass works well), glass cleaner, paper towels, permanent marker, ruler, cutting oil, straight edge, glass cutting tool, breaking edge, leather gloves, and sandpaper.A project-based RepRap build is the perfect way to bring STEM and many other disciplines to your school. To learn more about starting a 3D printer build at your school, visit 00:00 Introduction and SPecial Greeting 00:40 Supplies for Heatbed Installation 01:27 Supplies for Cutting Glass 03:01 Cleaning and Marking the Glass 04:50 Scoring and Breaking the Glass 06:21 Smoothing and Preparing the Glass 07:28 Attaching the Glass to the Heatbed 08:39 Preparing the Y Carriage 09:39 Installing the Thermistor 10:30 Insulating the Heatbed 11:51 Installing the Heatbed 12:49 Supply List and End Credits 13:22 OuttakeOther Videos: * How to Make Bare Wire End Stops: * How to Make a Hobbed Bolt: - “Pulse (George Ellinas remix)” by George_Ellinas. 2008 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0). - “Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment )” by J.Lang. 2012 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0).

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