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LED Cube RGB 12x12x12 (Flip’s Cubicle)

Development and Demonstration of a 12x12x12 RGB LED Cube, powered by Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspbian) & Xilinx FPGA (Godil)Facts and figures: 58711 lines of C code (2.12 Mb in 75 files), 4717 lines of Animation Control Sripts (140 kb in 32 files), 4507 lines of VHDL (695 kb in 24 files) 1728 LEDs + 1160 other Electronic Components more than 13,000 solder points 910 Drills and Threads, 195 Screws 300 Hz Display Frame Rate 250 m visible tinned copper wire Up to 50W LED Power 4 years and 4 months of prototyping, design, development, construction, programming, testing, documentation, work and fun.General features: Ambient Light Controlled Cube Brightness, Two Temperature Controlled Fans, Audio FFT (Stereo Line In & Mic), Proprietary Text Script Parser, Lexer and Multi-Instance Interpreter for Realtime Animation Control Scripts, Failsafe Operation, HTML based Application Status & Control, Text Display in True Type Fonts, Integrated Power & System Diagnostics, Email on fault, …Written in C/C++, VHDL, HTML, JavaScript and CubaScriptInspirations and Contributions by Chris Hager, Garry Stafford, Thomas Krenn, Jukka Korpela, Michael Gorven, Richard Hirst and Thomas Sarland Manufacturing by PCB Pool (bare PCB), Junker + Radon GmbH (Housing) and Flip (all the rest)Special thanks to Uwe!Comments to the video: At the beginning of the video, the sensitivity of the camera is turned down for better visibility of the colors. Each minute the time is displayed on the front LEDs in white color. Music: Foxgloves by Terry Devine-King, Adam Drake; Outreach by Jonn Serrie; After by Brad Hord.

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