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Make your own cheap DIY GSM GPS bike car tracker / GPS car locator for only 10 USD !

In this video I am showing my latest project - DIY ultra cheap GPS car/bike tracker based on ATMEL chips ATTINY 2313/4313 or ATMEGA328P (ARDUINO UNO) and SIM800L module from China (SIM80X/90X depending on your location and frequency used). Total cost of parts is below 10USD and it is very easy to construct! If you liked it please subscribe The device when called by mobile phone polls cell-id info from nearest 2G cell, uses GPRS to query Google servers for GPS location of that cell (Google API) and sends back text message to your phone with current location link to Google map with timestamp. The part list is (with the cost as in 2018): - SIM800L (3.5 USD on Aliexpress, but notice this module DOES NOT have GPS so we are polling info from base stations - if you want real GPS you need to use SIM808 breadboard and change the code of MCU) - ATMEL ATTINY2313 (2USD) or ATMEGA328P-PU (as for ARDUINO UNO) - same price - LM7805 (0.5USD) - 6x 1N4007 (0.3 USD) - 2x 1000uF / 16V capacitor ( 0.5 USD) - 100nF capacitor (0.2 USD) - universal PCB, pins & connector (2 USD) The code is written in avr-gcc and can be uploaded via USBASP to ATTINY 2313(2313A/4313A) or ATMEGA328P (arduino uno). On github link below source code and hex files are provided for both versions. It takes about 1,9KB of Flash memory of smallest chip - ATTINY2313. Considering the SIM800L capability if more Flash memory is available ( ATTINY 4313 with 4KB or ATMEGA328P with 32KB) the MCU could even upload the GPS data to some EMAIL/FTP/HTTP server to get car tracking history. It is up to you to expand the program code. Link to SIM800L AT+C command set : Link to TCP/IP examples on SIM8xx/9xx : The solution has low power consumption because it is using extensively SLEEP MODE on SIM8XX/9XX module and POWER DOWN feature on ATTINY/ATMEGA MCU (current in standby is below 2mA ) and connects to GPRS/polls GPS only upon request. This will give you something like at least 1 month of work time on smallest USB powerbanks like 2000mAh or 3xAA battery ( I personally do recommend to connect to the 3xAA because powerbanks have LED and converters that drain extra current). The ATTINY/ATMEGA wakes up when SIM8xx PIN RING goes to GND (in case of incoming call or SMS or SIM800L restart and "Call Ready" URC message). When SIM8xx module sends SMS/GPRS data it it may draw a lot of current ( up to 2A ) in short peaks so it is crucial to use good cables and thick copper lines for GND and VCC on PCB. This is the main issue people face when dealing with SIM8xx/9xx modules. The voltage may additionaly drop during this situation so that is why such big capacitor is in use. In the design there are 1N4007 diodes connected in serial+parallel to ensure that voltage is dropped to correct levels which is around 4,4V for SIM8XX module (5V would damage SIM800L) and 2A current can be handled. Also we have to secure that during current peaks the voltage will not drop below 3V for SIM800L ( otherwise SIM800L would restart itself during SMS/GPRS). You can further simplify the design or use other components (like step-down low loss voltage coneverter instead of LM7805 stabilizer). For other hardware info check this link : The tracker can be powered 3 ways : a) powering directly from car/bike battery - ensure that proper cables are used (must sustain 2Amps) and attach small heatsink to LM7805 TO220 case. It will not get hot all the time but ensure that current/heat protection within LM7805 would not activate. In such case the tracker will consume in standby something like 12mA due to LM7805 drop (conversion from 12V to 5V). b) powering from USB 5V Powerbanks - it is good to use the cheapest USB powerbanks that do not have current sensor. Remember that GPS tracker will draw VERY LOW current ( lower than 2mA). Some advanced powerbanks tend to switch off USB 5V when they find out that there is very little current consumed. If you have Powerbank with signalling LED then I suggest to get rid of this LED to reduce power drain on Powerbank. c) Powering from 3 x AA battery pack (LR6). Estimated working time on set of batteries is more than 1 month due to low current ( less than 2mA). Batteries must be connected directly to VCC on ATTINY-ATMEGA/SIM8XX without any diodes. This will give 4.5V of powering voltage. Avoid Ni-Mh Accumulators. They give only 1.2V each. The solution has been field tested and works without a glitch. Have Fun ! Adam Link to all details on GITHUB :

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